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“Four Dynamic Artists in One Studio” - A Sampler, Must Visit Experience For Open Studios

1025 Rosewood #108 Gives Art Lovers the Greatest Bang for Your Studio Time


BOULDER, CO, SEPTEMBER 25, 2014… As art lovers along the Front Range are planning their strategy to visit artist studios and experience the much anticipated annual Open Studios fall tour in Boulder, a true must visit stop must be the studio at 1025 Rosewood #108.  This is where four dynamic female artists with different creative styles and one vision were all accepted to participate in this year’s Boulder Open Studios  – Pam Simich (#72, acrylic, ), Monika Bunting (#73, encaustic , ),  Lael Har (#74, acrylic, ) and Cindy Sepucha (#75, mixed-media, 


In what can really be viewed as a sampler of the big event, visitors will enjoy a variety of talents from four outstanding artists.  In addition to each artist’s showing, the studio will be alive with activity including: painting demonstrations, kids art activities,  an interactive paper mache sculpture  and food truck refreshments.  The artists on Rosewood promise a rich, inspiring, warm, energetic, enlightening creative experience. 

Each artist contributes to the energy of the studio with her very own vibrant approach, technique and personality.  Below is a short description of each artist’s work, their passion, what they will be showing for Open Arts and how they view this unique studio.


Who They Are:



Pam Simich – Studio #72 - Artist, Creative Catalyst and Intuitive Painting Coach

Her art: 

My lively, colorful and textured paintings are sculpted with copious amounts of acrylic paint and transparent gels with palette knives, odds and ends and imagination. The multi-layered landscapes, sunflowers, abstracts and more come alive on canvas with brilliant colors and textures.  


Passion and Motivation: 

I let my intuition guide me from the paint to the canvas. I paint best when I am in the moment and less concerned with the end result. It’s my heart, my passion, my essence and I can’t help but share. I am so grateful and inspired when someone connects with my work.


Open Studios showing: 

As always the sunflowers and other bright flowers keep flowing. This year I have been on a horse and chicken bender and experimenting more with layers, brighter colors and a little bit of mixed-media. You will also see my collection of Intuitive Paintings from the last 2 years. This work is very different, unpredictable, intuitive and soulful.


Description of the Studio:

PURE CREATIVE AWESOMENESS!  Fun collaboration and sharing of ideas and we motivate each other. It is set up so that the space is open, bright and mobile for big and small project and to accommodate working solo or with several people creating at the same time. This also allows for the opportunity to easily setup for shows, classes and workshops from painting to metal or clay.


Intuitive Painting Immersions:

Get your paint on! Awaken and nourish your Creative Spirit by immersing yourself in exploration, expression, play, freedom and painting fun! This painting experience focuses on the process rather than the end result within a comfortable, judge-free space. All levels of painting experience welcome — no prior experience necessary!

                • All-day Retreat: Saturday, Oct 18 from 10am - 5:00pm

                • Mondays: Oct 20, 27 & Nov 3, 10, 17 from 6:30pm - 9:30pm

                • Mondays: Dec 1, 8, 15, (22 optional) from 6:30pm - 9:30pm

                • 1:1 or semi-private groups available upon request


Contact:, 303-641-8132,

Follow me on Facebook: Sunflower Art, Twitter: pksimich



Monika Bunting - Studio #73 – Mixed media photographer, encaustic artist and film instructor

Her art:  
I have always had a passion for photography and capturing the subtle aspects of each moment. My encaustic work blends photographic imagery, collage, and other mixed media. Much of my work is archetypal, focused on timeless themes, common memories, and the duality of color and shadows. With this approach and the utilization of various materials, I create pieces that question the notion of space and objects and our relationship to these places and things.

Passion and Motivation:  
I find working with wax a contemplative experience. I may have a strong sense of intention, and will plan a stroke of the brush or a layering effect for long durations of time, but this work is often imperfect and needs to be executed quickly. With this truth, I always discover something new, even if it strays away from my original intentions. I love the diversity of encaustic work: the collage aspects, the variety of material, and the opportunity to layer.


Open Studios showing:  
I have transitioned from working with photography and encaustic to working with plexi-glass, collage and monoprinting.  It feels great to step away from my comfort zone and take risks.

Description of the Studio: 
What is different about our space is we all come together with a passion and commitment to our work.  Although we all have different schedules, we all work together to support each other.  It certainly is a cohesive, friendly place to be. 



To be determined. Contact if interested.


Contact:, 303-249- 7088,



Lael Har - Studio #74 - A prolific painter, full-time artist and teacher.  

Her art:
I work in vivid acrylic color using big brushes and lots of paint to create movement and joy. My art is juicy & expressive, spacious & alive, inviting the viewer to step into the painting.


Passion and Motivation: 

I am passionate about showing others the magic that is available in the creative process.  I am inspired by nature, my relationship to nature and a healthy curiosity. I delight in the Becoming: The unfolding that occurs during the creative process that brings embodiment and present awareness into being.  Through painting, I have learned to let go and trust, and allow creative inspiration to work its magic.


Open Studios showing:
My latest series of fall colors, aspens, rainbows over Boulder, and other vibrant scenes. This year I am looking at what is essential in my life and therefore in my paintings. My impressionistic and contemporary style is becoming more abstract.

Demonstrations each day at 4:00pm


The Studio: 
My home for the past 10 years, now newly energized with the collaboration of talent artists and innovation. Our studio is a welcoming space for workshops, shows, and a well of inspiration. 


Ongoing Workshops:

Creative Freedom in Acrylic Painting

Students of all levels welcome. Group classes are geared to the skill level and interest of each student. Learn about color, composition, materials and develop the ability to see like an artist. Dive into the creative process of painting a still life, landscape, floral... Grow to trust your own intuition and relax into the process of painting. Be inspired to find your creative voice on canvas.  Starting November: Fridays 10-12:30 or Wednesdays 6-8:30 | 4 sessions $140


Contact: or call at 303-324-7980


Cindy Sepucha - Studio #75 –A mixed-media artist and painter, arts and crafts instructor, and previously a professional mural artist.

Her art: 

I like making all kinds of things. I never met a raw material that I didn’t like.  I like to play more with materials these days and most of my pieces contain collage, paint, oil crayons, and pastels.

Passion and Motivation: 

Art makes our lives better. I try to make art that makes people smile, think about something in a different way, bring up memories of experiences in their lives. Art is personal. When I make a piece of art, it means something to me, but it will mean lots of different things to different people - and that is one thing I love about art.  I love to see people’s reaction to my art and what it brings up in them.

Open Studios showing:  
My latest project which is a series of paintings based on family sayings. I am intrigued by the things we hear over and over again as a part of our culture, both family cultures and the greater cultures that we all live in. Each painting is 20” x 20” and I will showcase them all together. I am also asking guests of the studio to add their sayings to my big “Say What?” paper mache sculpture. I will have sharpies on hand for people to add their bit of culture to my piece.

Demonstrations each day at 1:00pm

The Studio:

I love the vibe. All our art looks different, but we all share the desire to create a community around our art. We all recognize the benefit of surrounding ourselves with other creative people because we see how it can feed our creativity and inspire our own art.


Ongoing Workshops:

Hand-stamped metal jewelry: the first Tuesday of every month from 6-8:30

Contact:,  303.517.9991,


About the Studio:

The 1025 Rosewood studio  (#108) – in the foothills west of Broadway -  offers a collaborative environment for the studio artists and the many guests who frequent the space for workshops and classes including intuitive painting, metal stamped jewelry making, encaustic and fine arts painting workshops to name a few.  For information on classes and workshops, please visit the websites of each artist included above.

Media Note: For an Open Studios preview, interview with the artists or studio visit, the media can reach out to Pam Simich at 303.641.8132 or email



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