About Lael Designs


Lael Har's inspiration from nature and the study of healing arts transforms into vibrant texture and color. The impasto application of acrylic paint creates movement and a sculptural effect in her work. She often paints wet on wet with big brushes, pallet knives, and spatulas allowing the viewer to experience the energy of every stroke applied. Lael's process of painting is intuitive and guided by the moment to moment aliveness experienced in the dance of creating. She delights in the unfolding of the creative process that brings embodiment and present awareness into being. In Lael's paintings inner and outer landscapes transform into brilliant contemporary canvases. 


Lael Har is a prolific painter, full-time artist, teacher, healer, and mother of two. She began painting as a young girl, eagerly learning oils, acrylics, watercolor, and life drawing from accomplished art instructors.  In high school she began commissioning art work and was employed to paint interior and theatrical murals. With a scholarship she participated at The College of Design at Iowa State University for a summer art program. After graduating from M.U.M University with a BFA she moved to Boulder to begin a career as a graphic designer. Lael entered the art trade as a professional, inspired by meeting her mentor Dvora Kanegis and spending the next 4 years studying acrylics and the business of art. In 2009 Lael took charge of the studio now named Lael Gallery & Studios and more recently has grown the studio into an artist community. Lael has participated in OpenStudios, art festivals, gallery, and museum shows for the past 11 years.

Part of the joy of sharing her talents is teaching painting workshops and inspiring others to find their creative voice through art. Lael continue to use teaching, her world travels, her study of the healing arts and the rich outdoors of Colorado and the West to inspire a huge collection of work. Using big brushes and lots of vivid acrylic color she creates movement and joy on the canvas. Juicy & expressive, spacious & alive, inviting the viewer to step into the painting. Her award winning paintings are collected nationally and displayed in local galleries.

Recent Work