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Lael Har



Lael Har is a prolific painter, full-time artist, art coach, and mother of two. She began painting as a youth learning oils, acrylics, watercolor, and life drawing from accomplished art instructors.  In high school, she began commissioning artwork and was employed to paint interior and theatrical murals. With a scholarship, she participated at The College of Design at Iowa State University for a summer art program. After graduating from M.U.M University with a BFA she moved to Boulder to begin a career in graphic design. Lael entered the art trade as a professional, inspired by meeting her mentor Dvora Kanegis and spending the next 4 years studying acrylics and the business of art. In 2009 Lael took charge of the studio now named Lael Gallery & Studios in North Boulder and more recently has grown the studio into an artist community. Lael has participated in open studios, art festivals, galleries, and museum shows since 2005.

Part of the joy of sharing her talents is teaching painting workshops and inspiring others to find their creative voice through art. Lael continues to use teaching, her world travels, and the rich outdoors of Colorado and the West to inspire a large collection of work. Using big brushes and lots of vivid acrylic color she creates movement and joy on the canvas. Her paintings are collected nationally and displayed in local homes all across the front range.

    " I paint to capture the moment of light on a landscape. I rely on the essence of a place instead  of its realness. My art is an exploration of how acrylic paint and mixed media represent mood, light, movement, and capture the essence of my subject. I often paint alla prima with big brushes, palette knives, spatulas, and mediums. I aim to infuse the painting with marks that capture spontaneity, energy, and color. By painting contemporary abstracts I leave room for the viewer’s subjective participation."

-  Lael

“Meet the artist behind the Table Mesa King Soopers mural” on fox31 Denver

The fabric of our Boulder community grows stronger in healing from this tragedy together. We have the tendency to shut our hearts when we experience trauma. What is needed is to reach for one another, to Love our neighbor, and to gift each other from who we are. Healing takes time to integrate the grief, loss, and fear as a loving community. That’s why this project is so important to me. I communicate through my art - this is the way I can transform my grief into healing and gift my community the love I poured into my work. I was inspired by the beauty of the land and the views from South Boulder. I included the healing power of nature, the warm and vibrant colors in the fall during sunrise and the movement of light across the open vistas. The painting is hanging at the front of the King Soopers store to welcome returning customers. This painting is an invitation to the possibility of a New Day full of healing and a brighter future of hope. Fox31 Denver produced by Evan Kruegel reports

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