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Table Mesa King Soopers Mural

I was honored to paint the fine art mural hanging in the front entryway of King Soopers and contributing to the healing of my community and to the place that saw so much pain. Art has the power to bring beauty, hope, comfort, and a feeling of welcoming to returning neighbors.


“A New Day” evokes renewal, inspiration, peace, safety, and joy. Lael's aspiration is to bring a sense of light into our everyday. This painting captures the essence of Boulder's natural environment: a magical place filled with the sounds of birds and running water where you can stand among the trees celebrating a spirit of togetherness, community, healing, and hope. 

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Thank you @boulderdailycamera for the feature story

and front page of the Friday Magazine, March 18th 2022.
Link to the online story.

Foresight Diagnostics Inc
cosmic helix mural


Fox 31 Denver aired the story

"Meet the artist behind the

Table Mesa King Soopers mural"

"...It’s the first thing you see walking into the newly designed Table Mesa King Soopers in Boulder: a giant mural, spanning 24 feet, featuring beautiful aspens and breathtaking Flatirons." Evan Kruegel reports. link to clip

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Washington Post:

After tragedy, one town
reopens the doors

Nearly a year beyond the King Soopers mass shooting, Boulder residents ask: What does it mean to heal?

Exhibition Art Catalogues

Online Interview

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